Misanthropist in the making

Have you ever seen the movie Idiocracy? I’ve seen parts of it. Enough to know that the concept is brilliantly spot on, and that I will actually get dumber if I watch the whole thing. The movie can be summed up in one sentence; stupid people procreate faster than smart people, so eventually the world will be overtaken by idiots. idiocracyHaha…hahahaha….hahahahahaha…*this is me building up to a hysterical crazy laugh of depression at all the stupid people around me and I know I can’t do anything about it but have a psychotic break perhaps*

So I quit. I’m going to quit my job and stay home. I’ll sign up for welfare then go down to the local hole-in-the-wall club and find the best dressed guy there. I’ll sleep with him and once I’m knocked up I’ll file for child support so that I can have child support and welfare. I’ll call McDonald’s once a week to ask if they’re hiring so that it will look like I’m trying to find a job. I think that doing all of that is a better career move even then completing my education right now. I would probably make more money and hopefully there’s enough smart people left who are actually dumb enough to pay for my laziness to tide me over for the next couple of years. When you can’t beat em’, join em’! Isn’t that what they say??

I know this isn’t the first time someone has ranted about idiots but I simply cannot hold the rage in anymore. HOW DO THESE PEOPLE FEED THEMSELVES? I don’t mean how do they literally put food in their mouth – I mean how are they holding down a job and earning money so they can even buy food to feed themselves?? Sometimes I feel astonished that the world hasn’t actually stopped turning or that the sun hasn’t gone supernova or that some other cataclysmic event hasn’t occurred simply due to the sheer idiocy that has taken over the world.

All these stupid people are entitled! They are selfish! They are too stupid to look further than the next two weeks and see how their actions will impact the future; for themselves or for others. They don’t take initiative! They are lazy and rude and completely self centered.

My biggest gripe is to all the “smart” people who cater to these rejects!! To those who coddle them, who go that extra mile, who pick up that extra load. I have been forced to do this so that I myself can put food on the damn table and it literally disgusts me. I am disgusted that I have to swallow this tripe that society shoves down my throat to be politically correct, to be “sensitive” to the intellectually challenged people’s feelings, to their rights, to their needs, etc. WHAT ABOUT MINE?

Of course I am the most upset about what I have to deal with in my own little bubble of reality. But it’s happening out there folks. Everyone has to deal with stupid people. I am tired of my job. I am tired of the grubby little ass-kissing politics of power. I am tired of being forced to accept mistreatment and disrespect because the idiot who is treating me this way needs me to help out because we all know “how they are.”

I am tired of being told that ass-kissing is a valuable skill! Yeah, I know it is! But I don’t want to bite my tongue any longer and ass tastes like that – like ASS. I want to tell all of them that they are STUPID and rude and condescending and that if it were up to me I would have fired them years ago because they can’t do their jobs and they are bringing down the productivity and morale of the actual intelligent people that do work here!

Scenario 1
El estúpido:
Requirement: fill out five (5!) separate forms each containing the exact same information which will then be entered into a common database that these two departments share. Do this every time a person visits.
Me: Every time a person visits? You don’t save that information from the first time?
El estúpido: Yes we do, but we need you to do it anyway.
(Me: Thinking that is the most ridiculous waste of time, but whatever, you’re the “boss”)

Scenario 2, on the phone
El estúpido:
I’m calling about the forms you submitted, I need information XYZ and you filled in box 1 incorrect.
Me: Oh well actually there’s nothing to put in box 1, so that’s right. The other stuff though, XYZ, that’s not on the form is it? I mean, I didn’t forget to fill it in did I?
El estúpido: No it’s not on the form, but we always need this information, and we always get it from Jane Doe. Oh, and I also need information ABC.
Me: Hmmm, ok, well I’m happy to get that right over to you, but I’ve never had to give it to you before. Are you sure you’ve always needed it and that Jane Doe has always given it to you? Because I’ve been doing this for 7 years now and it’s really the first I’m hearing of it. Also, information ABC is on the last page of that form, I filled it in. Can you double check?
El estúpido: Yes we’ve always needed it, ok??? And every time I get these forms I call Jane Doe and get XYZ from her. Let me check to make sure you gave me ABC…..hmmmm….no…no, the forms aren’t here. The paperwork hasn’t even been submitted yet.
(Me: Thinking, now how do you know I filled in box 1 incorrectly if you never received the form?? And Jane Doe gets all her information from me so I know that she’s never given it to you before!)
El estúpido: Oh here it is, I found it…..and yes, ok, ok, fine I have information ABC from you.
Me: That’s good. So about information XYZ, I’m going to look that up for you OK? But I don’t understand why the request for that info isn’t on the form, because then you could avoid the extra step of having to call Jane and get it, right? I mean, if you tell me you always called her before because you always needed this then I will try and make sure to give it to you the first time from here on out ok?
El estúpido: You know what, never mind! This is fine! *CLICK*(and el estupido hangs up on me.)

Long story short, this incompetent twit hangs up on ME because I call attention to the fact that their system is inadequate, but when I send a polite email expressing my desire to help however I do not appreciate being hung up – she goes and CRIES to some other bonehead about how rude I was. And that bonehead calls a manager completely unrelated to this process or department and yells that “it had better not ever happen again and something must be done!” (to me, presumably.)


So let me get this straight. You hang up on me but I’M the rude one? For what exactly? For trying to make your job easier? Because you’re obviously an imbecile and can’t even figure out that yes, the forms were turned in because YOU’RE HOLDING THEM IN YOUR HANDS??

This is what I mean by misanthropist in the making. Since there’s more stupid people then smart ones out there, I think it’s safe to say that in general I just don’t like people.


What do you think about all that?

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