The Whole 30

I just ate a blueberry bagel slathered in delicious butter and sugary orange marmalade in probably close to 30 seconds. That’s my version of “whole 30” tonight…I also ate a few olives right before I threw them out, and some string cheese. I snarfed down a few bites of white chocolate and then threw that out too. The peanut butter in my pantry looks tempting but thus far I’ve resisted a big spoonful of it. My mother just gave me some speculaas cookies from Holland; I wonder if they’ll keep for 30 days? Seems a pity to toss them. That’s the thing about me – I hate wasting food. It just irks me. I’d rather overeat and feel disgusting than throw it away. Most of the time. I have gotten a little better about that in the last few years because it’s just downright unhealthy.

And healthy is what I’m trying to be. I’m excited and nervous about starting tomorrow. Starting what?

The Whole 30 Challenge


It’s not a diet. It’s not even a lifestyle – yet. But that is the point, to get you started on a new lifestyle. It’s a nutritional reset button for your body. You have to push the button for at least 30 days is all. And maybe more. Whatever your body needs and every body is different.

Which is why I literally ate all the crap food in my house before throwing it out. It’s my last chance haha. Well ok, maybe not all of the crap food because I threw a lot of food away without nibbling on it. I feel like the late Amy Winehouse singing “They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no, no, no.” This is food rehab. It’s kicking sugar addiction in the ass. Not just sugar in the form of Snickers, but every over processed, super refined, extra fake, genetically altered piece of crap food we put in our bodies. It’s redefining your emotional relationship to food and rewiring your brain so food can serve you instead of you serving food. (Can you tell I’m giving myself a pep talk?)

My boyfriend is doing it with me. (o_O I have a boyfriend! Haven’t blogged about it yet but coming soon.) One of my best friends is also gonna jump on the band wagon and my mom texted me earlier tonight that she’ll also join. I hope my dad will too eventually, because this nutritional “reset” button can and will change your life.

I’m expecting to suffer sugar withdrawals like a mofo because after reading the book It Starts With Food I realize that I actually eat tons more crap than I thought. I mean, I knew I didn’t eat healthy by any stretch of the imagination but that book brings it down to a simple scientific level that I can understand, is easy to read, and enjoyable. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m starting tomorrow anyway.

Hopefully I will successfully make it a point to blog about each and every day of my Whole 30 challenge. I’m only one pie and I’m already carved up into a lot of slices. I’m anxious about carving out another damn slice for my health, but seriously, I can’t afford not to. Even if I don’t pay the price of delay now, I will sooner rather than later. I’m already overweight and I secretly think maybe pre-diabetic too. Have. To. Change. So the slice of time I’d carve out to blog…well I want to but I’m not going to over promise and under deliver. I do that enough already.

Tomorrow for breakfast: boiled eggs and half an avocado. I really like avocado but only in small portions because too much and it just starts tasting…avocado-y. Hopefully I will still like it in 30 days lol.  For lunch: spinach salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing, some macadamia nuts, and some strawberries. Maybe I’ll finish the other half of the avocado too.  For dinner: not too sure yet, something with chicken and sweet potato.

I don’t think day 1 will be too hard, or day 2. I guess tomorrow I’ll see though. I’m wishing myself luck, knocking on wood, crossing my fingers, and believing in myself. 🙂


What do you think about all that?

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