Sleep? Blog?

Sleep, or blog?

Well, I’ve been asking myself that question for several days now. In my head the answer was always this: “Login, create a blog post and title it sleep or blog, then write that in the post and answer it: sleep. And go to bed.”  Except I never did it, until now. And now my answer is to write.

But I should be sleeping because I have a cold, the hubs has a cold, and the bebe has a cold. I have to be up at 520 am to leave the house, with sick baby in tow, to pick up my other child 17 miles up the road. And it’s supposed to be icy out. Sigh…good thing God watches over us 🙂 My throat has gone from .5 to 6 in just a few hours. I don’t even want to sleep because when I wake up I am afraid it will be worse. In spite of the fresh ginger, honey, and lemon tea I drank with apple cider vinegar, and vitamins, and humidifier, and essential oil diffuser, and placing a cut up onion in every room.

But on another note I watched, rather distractedly, a documentary of some journalist and creepy voyeur guy on Netflix. I was washing dishes and making cold remedy stuff in the kitchen and it was on in the living room. It was disturbing. This guy owned a motel and watched people who rented motel rooms by spying on them from fake vents in the ceiling. He did this for decades and recorded everything he watched. He caused a woman to be murdered because of his voyeurism and subsequent meddling, and never said anything to the authorities. And now there’s a book….and a documentary….and he’s still alive, and this is all okay? It’s just “for the sake of research” or weird and perverted human interest journalism? Yuck. Just yuck. He’s a sick, sick, man and it is NOT okay that he can confess all this stuff he did, and basically because he kept it a secret long enough he isn’t legally accountable anymore. Ugh. The journalist discovered that maybe he lied about the murder because it actually happened at a different hotel than his own. So if he lied about that, did he lie about all of it? STILL weird and perverted and wrong. Crime as a social experiment is not any less a crime.

And Saudia Arabia….lives like the West but still hates us for being the West?
And Trump is not the reason the Middle East does not have peace. The Middle East is the reason they don’t have peace.

I’m behind on my homework. I haven’t made any sales. I did get to cuddle my baby today and help her feel better with all the home remedies lol. And I did get to watch my son’s face when he discovered his reward from the tooth fairy for his 3rd tooth lost, no less! I also bought groceries that we needed….on a credit card. But I have faith that we will be able to pay all our bills. Wealth is already mine, in spirit, in love, in blessings, and financially too. Wealth AND health. Tomorrow we will wake up and our bodies will have recuperated!

And if not, there’s always more honey, ginger, and lemon tea.


One response to “Sleep? Blog?

  1. love to read your thoughts, it helps that ping pong mind a lot I bet 😉


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