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I signed up as a consultant for Rodan + Fields last year in May. I spent a year just chillin’ though and not really trying to turn my side biz into an income. Until now. I quit my full-time job at the local junior college to stay home with my children, finish my bachelor’s degree, and truly focus on getting my own business off the ground to make money for our family. Then I found this article 👇🏼

What It’s Like to Be a Stay at Home Mom

This article totally resonated with me!!! “Staying at home: It’s the most important thing a woman can do—or a cop-out. It’s a job description—or a recipe for mind-numbing boredom.” Lol yup. And I struggled a lot with making the decision to stay home full time. I didn’t actually want to stop working. I like to work. (Are you laughing yet? Who likes to work?!) But it isn’t the act of working, it’s the independence and income that I like, amongst other things.

But I wanted all of that on MY schedule and when you report to a boss it’s on their schedule. Who would hire me for the 10-20 hours a week that I was looking for?? Well, Rodan + Fields did!  It is finally dawning on me that to be successful I really do have to WORK.  The money doesn’t just roll in without any effort folks! Sad but true. I miss my office and I’m dreaming lately of making a home office, complete with file cabinets and a white board and shelving for my products, supplies, and marketing materials, etc. I want to buy a Mac desktop computer, and naturally the most expensive one because I’m materialistic. Also sad, but true.

I was a little embarrassed to “sell” to people, to even talk about it or bring it up. Shy that people would think me foolish, or pushy, or just not like me and privately roll their eyes when I turn my back. But I’m getting over that. It isn’t about my personal value. Thankfully I  learn more and more every day that my value is in Jesus and nothing takes that away, doesn’t matter how stupid I look to others. That gives me a little confidence booster. And I’m also learning to see it like this: do you want this? No? Great!!!! No problem! Maybe you will later, or not, but I will find someone who does, so next!  And I can feel that way/see it that way with a genuine smile on my face.

Rodan + Fields, for any of you who don’t know, is the #1 premium anti-aging skincare  line in North America! The same two (women) doctors who created Proactiv, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields, created this! #GirlPower! I just want to make a list of what I love:

  • I love that it works! Google some before and afters you’ll be amazed.
  • I love how my skin feels! It glows and it’s soft. My cheeks literally feel like my baby’s butt cheeks haha, they’re that soft!
  • I love that it’s real people posting their before and afters, you can actually find these people! They are not fake!
  • I love that they have regimens for fine lines & wrinkles, sun damage, acne, and sensitive skin
  • I love that you can purchase anything R+F a la carte, you don’t HAVE to get an entire regimen
  • That means the mixing and matching to accomplish different skin goals are endless! Want to kick your blackheads? Want to have a smoother shave? Want to get rid of your crow’s feet? Want longer lashes? There’s something for everything
  • I love the business side of it, they have so much material to help me be successful, and it’s FREE to me! I just have to take advantage of it!
  • I love that I can make money and work on my own time, like right now. This is working too because I’m putting my name out there and the R+F brand out there and someone will read it
  • I love my eyelashes, my hubs said they look fake. SCORE! What lady doesn’t want to have natural lashes that look like falsies?
  • I love my team! These consultants are passionate about the products because they WORK!
  • I love that people who have serious skin issues can finally find relief from them (in most cases.) After all everything isn’t guaranteed to work for everybody. But if you’ve ever doubled as Rudolph for a week thanks to a giant red pimple on your nose, or if you have psoriasis or rosacea or eczema, and it makes you self conscious, Rodan + Fields can help!
  • I love (and sometimes hate) that I am only going to get out of this what I put into it, that means that success or failure is 100% my responsibility. That is quite a motivator! And it is also the best damn feeling in the world when you meet your goals and you know it was all YOU
  • I love making money, that is seriously wonderful, every penny helps
  • I love the microdermabrasion paste, and the redefine mask, and the reverse face wash, and the lash boost, and the active hydration serum, and the essentials daily moisturizer, and their sunblock is legit. If you glow in the dark you want some of this SPF. Don’t buy the junk in stores that claim to be 30+ SPF, it’s a crock of crap and if you do a little research you’ll find out why. But the ingredients in R+F sunblock are the best of the best and it’ll keep you glowing in the dark if that’s what you want!  I love their chapstick, it smells like grapefruit!
  • I love that I can give this business to my children! Just think, instead of worrying about how to pay for their college they’ll inherit my million-dollar business and be making bank from age 18 for the rest of their lives!

There are so many other things I could list, but there’s no need I think, to get the message across. It will take time but I completely have faith that I this business will financially liberate my family, IF I continue to work it. And so I will.

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