Started my DIY plug tray!

A few weeks ago I wrote about my brown thumb and how I’m trying to change that. So I thought I’d show a little update on some of my plant projects 😃 Not all of my little succulent leaves survived but many of them started to grow tiny roots and/or new leaves. Mira mira! (From left is “then,” and “not too long ago,” and “now!” which is 8/18/18 lol.


As some died I added to my collection, so my little DIY plug tray here has got several different plants in it from the first picture above. I bought Dixie cups from the Dollar Store and stabbed holes in the bottom with my scissors. Filled each with dirt and put one little leaf per cup. I’m keeping all of them inside this clear plastic bin. I think it helps to diffuse the sun well enough that I can keep it in direct sun (fingers crossed anyway).  I can mist the whole inside down, put the lid back on, and let ’em all sweat it out while they grow!  As far as I can tell, I have some Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana otherwise known as “Flaming Katy.” (I just had to google this and I can’t wait to tell my bestie of almost 20 years that there’s a plant named after her haha.) There are some echeveria and other kinds of kalanchoe, a Watch Chain succulent, a few Jelly Bean succulents, some Burro’s Tail and chin cactus, also some regular Jade and variegated Jade, there’s two kinds of sedum at least and some Creeping Jenny! Which my mom says they call Moneywort back in Oklahoma. And a few other unknowns. My goal is to be able to grow an entire succulent wall planter by next year or the year after. I want to hang it on my back patio as decoration, and I also want to be able to grow a bazillion centerpiece arrangements that I can sell, or use at my future wedding. No one has proposed yet, so don’t get excited, but one day…

img_2332I also mounted the Staghorn Fern awhile back! I could have promised that I took pictures while making this but I guess I didn’t, because all I can find are these. I just used a leftover piece of wood from our bookshelf and an old burlap pistachio bag, and some sphagnum moss.  I put a little pile of moss on the board, rested the roots of the fern on top, nailed down the burlap around it, and hung it on the wall! Actually, before I put the Staghorn down I poured a few tablespoons worth of blended banana peel over the moss, and then I put the fern on top of it. I read that it really loves banana peels for fertilizer so I figured it couldn’t hurt. These aren’t the best pictures, but you still get the point. That brick wall faces East, but the morning sun only touches the fern for about 10 minutes and then it hangs in bright shade the rest of the day.


In addition to mounting the fern and setting up the plug tray, I’m starting a little compost project! I don’t have a nice place to put a lot of compost and even if I did, I think it’s a pain in the butt to always be walking outside to throw one thing away at a time. I decided to save all the veggie peels and organic waste in a huge stockpot and once it’s full, dig a hole and bury it! In hindsight this might be more work but I still would rather do it this way. I bought a Purple Heart plant a week or so ago, which I think is the same as a Wandering Jew. It’s beautiful, I LOVE purple! I don’t think I can get enough of it in my garden! In fact years ago I took a picture of my auntie’s flowerbed because she has some beautiful purple plant in there too, which I think is a Persian Shield. I want to plant this Purple Heart in my front flower bed next season, and this is where I dug my hole for compost. Check it out 👇🏼 What kind of things may you not put in your compost? Travis got onto me for putting things in there that had been cooked and touched oil, he said NO GREASE, period.   I’m pretty sure there wasn’t enough in there to hurt anything, I hope. Guess I’ll find out next year when I plant that Purple Heart!



One response to “Started my DIY plug tray!

  1. my o my you are having a little green house experience or should I say big one 🙂 Loving to see all that growth and then you learning all these names of those plants that I don’t even know. Beautiful, and yes no grease in the compost. You can just keep one small bucket for all your veggie cleanings and fruits etc and when that bucket is full put it where you want to make the compost outside?

    Love all this information, you go girl

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