Untimes in the FS

Below is a timeline of events, primarily to help me me keep track but maybe you’ll find it interesting too. I have an awful memory for dates, and I always find myself looking back wondering “When did that happen again?”


~ May 29, 2013 ~ Applied for the Foreign Service [Specialist]

~ Dec 16, 2013 ~ My application passed the Qualifications Evaluation Panel (QEP)

~ Jan 23, 2014 ~ Asked if I was interested in taking my Oral Assessment in San Antonio (yes!)

~ Mar 26, 2014 ~ Passed my Oral Assessment with a 6.3

~ Mar 27, 2014 ~ Registered for my pre-employment physical with Medical Records

~ May 30, 2014 ~ Finally submitted all my medical paperwork, whew!

~ Jun 11, 2014 ~ Registered for the FSI Foreign Language Test in July

~ Jun 14, 2014 ~ Awarded a Class 1 Worldwide Available Clearance

~ Jun 23, 2014 ~ My son was awarded a Worldwide Available Clearance

(Somewhere in here I assume my security clearance was granted reciprocity??)

~ Jun 30, 2014 ~ Invited to attend Foreign Service Orientation Class on September 8th, 2014 (Ranked No. 1!!!)

~ Jul 14, 2014 ~ Received my packet with moving, insurance, and other info (it’s really real!)

~ Jul 16, 2014 ~ Scheduled my pack out for September 2nd, 2014

~ Aug 11, 2014 ~ Court hearing for permission to relocate……I lost

~ Aug 11, 2014 ~ Declined my first offer with the US Foreign Service 😦


I guess some things just aren’t meant to be….





2 responses to “Untimes in the FS

  1. I found your blog because I am torn. I have two small kids and I am in my upper 30’s. Been wanting to join or at least TRY to join the foreign service as an OMS for about 3 years. My kids’ father and I have a complicated history. Been together for a decade, engaged, canceled and even broke up. He is not the best father but in his own way he loves them…I want to do this for myself but for the kids as well. He says it selfish and that under no circumstances will he allow me to take the kids. I started to think is this decision to apply to the DoS really selfish, am I really thinking of them or just me? Anyway I read your story and was hoping for a different ending (crazy right) but this is real life and not fiction. You handled the loss in court excellently but then again you didn’t include any follow up posts for how that made you feel and how you handled the aftermath. My life should be over just because I have kids but then again it was my decision to have them. If I had joint the FS earlier in life I wouldn’t have them. I love them more than life itself but I guess I should give up this dream and realize that it wasn’t meant to be for me either. Sorry I’m ranting and I type fast. I wish you and your son much happiness and success in life.

    • Hi! Well, I’m actually glad you found my blog. I looked EVERYWHERE for other single parents in the FS and I never found any. Of course, now I’m not in the FS either, but I had hopes….
      I haven’t written any follow up posts because I’m angry. Really angry. So angry that I feel like all my posts would be asterisks and exclamation points in lieu of actual text because it would be mostly swear words. I’ve been working on a post actually, to describe how I felt/feel about everything but I just haven’t finished it yet.

      It’s been hard. Not only giving up my dream because I lost in court, but giving up the things I could have provided my son with as well. I am not without hope though. I can always reapply – and if you decided to apply and ended up not going, then you could always try again later too.

      I’m afraid I don’t have a happy ending, YET. My son’s dad loves him too and we don’t see eye to eye on anything, but there are positives to us staying here longer, instead of gallavanting around the world. I would say give it a shot, and apply. The process takes at minimum a year anyway. It just opened and closed for applications recently so in 6 months they’ll probably open it up again.

      Once/if you’ve applied use the year to hire a professional mediator or counselor and get your ex to sit down and talk about things if you can. If you can’t then you’ll have to get an attorney and go that route. I have a whole lot of negative things to say about the “system” and I would say try to avoid it if you can. But each state is different so who knows?

      Good luck girl! Any lady with enough courage to go out there on her own with her children has got to have some fire and perseverance so I’m sure you could do it!

      (PS I wrote this in my phone so forgive me if I made any spelling or grammar mistakes.)

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